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Photo : Md.Saiful Aziz Shamseer
Own work, Public domain
via Wikimedia Commons

Inhumanity has many meanings. The focus of this part of the exhibition is the depth of inhumanity and depraved behaviour to which humans have stooped. Even the simplest acceptance of inhumane behaviour is to flirt with disaster - disaster for the victims and disaster for the aggressors, their friends and their families. Every action we take and every inaction to injustice influences the future, both of ourselves and of others.

In the "Society" section of "Inhumanity", we explore the nature of hate. We explore how it achieves its acidic impact on society and how it destroys the self-belief and self-respect of its bearer.

Throughout history, wherever inhumanity has been allowed to rampage, destruction, poverty and human desolation has been wrought. In the "History" section we explore the faces, the places and the costs of inhumanity in the darker and more shameful corners of our history.

The ultimate destiny of inhumanity is Genocide. In the "Destiny" section are exhibits of the background to, the build-up, the actions and bloody and human cost of Mass murders and Genocides, where the impassive masses failed to slow the brutal and remorseless march of hate.

Inhumanity in society lives like a cancer. It spreads silently and without regard to what it kills. Eventually, it kills itself, its host and everything it touches.

This section looks at how inhumanity seeps into Society.
  • Hate
    The human emotion of hate is a particular necessity for inhumanity. It allows us to act in ways that desecrate our humanity and allows us to be manipulated by others.

  • Immorality
    Immorality, corruption and injustice are important components in the atmosphere of society that breathe life into hate.

  • Seven Steps to Genocide
    Genocidal society is not created overnight. The descent to the depths of inhumanity requires a great number of people to submit to seductive, misleading messages over a great length of time. By the time society has reached the fourth step, there are already unpleasant and violent consequences of trying to halt the march to destruction. Understand the simple part each of us plays in delivering a society that is destined to implode. That way you can withdraw before you are withdrawn.

  • Aggressive Self-Preservation
    Human nature is at the same time blessed and cursed with a nature of aggressive self-preservation. When allowed free reign, it can become a most powerful tool of mutual self-destruction.

Throughout history, wherever inhumanity has been allowed to rampage, destruction, poverty and human desolation has been wrought. In the "History" section we explore:
  • People
    The face of inhumanity : people whose actions have causes unimaginable suffering, to victims of attack, to the attackers and to their supporters

  • Events
    Defining moments of history that have ushered in periods of inhumanity

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